About Us

At our cozy boutique we are committed to making you and your friends feel comfortable when you take the bold step of crossing the threshold into our pleasure trove

We hope our guests will leave our establishment with newly inspired sexual confidence, knowing that you don’t have to look like a young super model to be sexy.


Our staff encourages confidence in women and men of all sizes, ages and orientations while giving you a safe space to comfortably explore your sexuality. We aspire to contribute to the emotional, psychological and physical health of all adults in our community. A healthy sex life is a key ingredient to general well-being. Whether you have a partner or not, at Pleasures of the Heart we have what you need to lead a fulfilling and totally satisfying sex life.

Body Image & Bondage

We also offer evening classes on everything from body image to bondage! Our staff is well-prepared to put you at ease and give you all the latest information on every product in the store. So, if you’re a novice at erotica shopping or if our boutique is like a home away from home for you, whatever your pleasure, Pleasures of the Heart is there for you!

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