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My wife and I have over the past few months, had occasion to make purchases from and attend free classes with Pleasures of the Heart on 4th Street, San Rafael, between “C” and “D” streets. While we all understand “having to make a profit” as a condition of staying in business, certainly the “profit aspect” of Pleasures Of The Heart the does not seem to be where the owner’s interest rests. Rather, she is one of the most knowledgeable professionals we come across; she knows her subject-matter, her merchandise, human behavior, the role and function of sexuality in our culture and provides a safe place to discuss, express and learn – All those things we were never taught in school or at home! Not the biggest, but certainly the best adult shop in the bay area. San Rafael is fortunate to have Pleasures of the Heart.

I don’t know–call me simple…I just want some great panties that don’t rub me the wrong way, look SEXY & HOT, feel great and don’t give me panty lines. I have found them–HONEYDEW! They are the best and I would not have found them if it were not for this fabulous store.

I’m happy with what I’ve found and I will definitely be back.

This is a really great place. There’s nothing dirty or grungy about it, just clean and whimsical fun and funny things!

I made my first purchase here because I realized that one corset just wasn’t enough, and I remembered that my good friend Eryn works there, so I came in to shop around. She helped fit me into the corsets, tried looking for another in my size, and managed to answer phones and help other customers simultaneously. I left with a cute burgundy and black corset and plan to come back for more, possibly some suggestively-shaped cookie cutters or boob pasta.

Pleasures of the Heart and Eryn both rock!

I’ve been buying sex toys at Good Vibrations for 30 years, but at one point my adult daughter wanted some help to find a good vibrator. We live in Marin so we started looking here. POTH was right there on Fourth St. It had a pleasant environment; nothing sleazy or weird. A lot smaller that GV but still a good selection. The sales staff, once they got over a father helping his daughter buy her first vibrator, were very helpful and made her feel at ease.
Since then I’ve bought several toys for myself and my “friends”, a new vibrator for my daughter. (Hey. They don’t last forever.) Great sales staff. Good Vibrations is still a good place, but in Marin, Pleasures of the Heart is my shop.

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