Plant Magic Between the Sheets: Wednesday, June 12th



Wednesday June 12th 7-9pm
Pleasures of the Heart
San Rafael
$10 to reserve your spot
A fun and casual evening in community exploring the benefits of plant and sex magic. All are welcome. 
Plants carry precise and unique codes to support various states of being, healing, and creating. Just like our bodies! 
Connecting with plants awakens our own sexual and creative desires, helps us heal with grace and ease, supports vibrant function of every system of our body, and invites us into the fullness of our human potential - in and out of the bedroom. Sex and plants go together beautifully creating big shifts in our bodies and the world! 
Together, we will 
  • Learn basic breath work to connect and integrate our heart and body
  • Explore the power of plants as teachers and allies using Young Living essential oils
  • Connect with new friends in a supportive, safe, and open setting
  • Make a custom plant-based serum to open new channels of creativity and resource to support us in every aspect of life
We can't wait to gather! Bring a friend for some midsummer night's magick!
Faye Wylder is a writer, dancer, and mother. A trained yoga teacher and health coach, Faye has over a decade experience sharing healing breath work, the mysteries of Mary Magdalene, and the power of plants. She lives in San Rafael and believes the radical change we demand is made possible by way of communing with plants and our bodies, and through creative expression in community. She has been using and sharing Young Living essential oils since they saved her life after her second son was born November, 2016. You can find her on Instagram @fayewylder 

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